Widely recognised as a top quality, price conscious supplier, we act as a 'one-stop-shop' solution. Our global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide just about any product within a timely manner, to any budget.

Quality Assurance:

All efforts are placed to ensure the highest quality of service and skill levels are maintained when dealing with our customers. We aim to provide an efficient turnaround on any product purchased.

The Alfagomma group is ISO 9000 accredited, and these quality and service principals are passed on.

Product Range:

Our division supplies a wide range of engineered ancillary products including hoses for both the mining and materials handling industries. Some of these items include:

VLI also has in house polyurethane manufacturing capabilities.

We make a wide range of Tuffstuff polyurethane products from a super blend of polyurethane plastics proven to out-perform standard rubber by up to 5 times.

Tuffstuff's self-lubricating and low distortion properties mean noise free operation and easy tap out removal if required.

Our Tuffstuff polyurethane range of products is unique because it is a special blend of materials. The use is so diverse we can offer design and manufacturing of a broad range of poly products as well as engineered products suitable for any industry.

Key Benefits: