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With the importance of increased productivity, VLI continues to develop new products to assist in the need for improved ancillary support equipment.  This continual development ensures VLI remains the leader in the field.

Product Range:


VLI can supply a full FRAS range of ventilation ducting, fittings, specialised adaptors, vent bands, compressed air driven fans, polyurethane venturi's and fibreglass air movers.  These products are designed and manufactured to meet standard and non-standard applications.  VLI can also provided low-weight and cost-effective carbon fibre ventilation ducting - please speak to your local VLI sales representative for further information.

Ancillary Support:

These products encompass a full range of bracketry including cable rollers, cable hangers, cable anchors, roof, pipe & structure brackets, webbing straps, drift rope rollers, chain products, dust control, water barriers, stone dusters and shearer clearers.  

General Underground:

VLI can also offer products in the general underground area including life-line support systems, chain hangers, suction strainers, hoses, pogo and measuring sticks, convergence monitors and a full range of polyurethane products including belt scrapers, belt plows, shearer clearers and poly sheeting.


For a full range of products and to view technical details, please contact your nearest VLI Service Location.