DES2011-TBSA-08 JUG-A-0 Diesel Engine System - Incident Notification

On 10 November, 2011

Technical Bulletin / Safety Alert

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Subject: JUG-A-0 UL/UV Diesel Engine System Inlet Manifold – Incident Notification

Date: 10 November, 2011

Applicable to: VLI Diesel Pty Ltd Diesel Engine Systems covered under Design Registration No. MDR 074246 DES, MDR 074246 DES-1 and MDR 114991 DES (JUG-A-0 UL/UV)

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VLI Diesel Division (VLIDD) advises the recent occurrence of three (3) separate but concurrent issues in relation to JUG-A-0 UL/UV Diesel Engine System air inlet manifolds (Part No. 0102-50002) that were identified at a NSW underground coal mine as follows:

1. Inlet manifolds have been identified with cracks at weld locations between the main ducting and the flametrap housing ducting.

2. Inlet manifold flange to cylinder head joint leaking identified towards the rear of the engine when cold and along the length of the joint when hot.

3. Incorrect Inlet Manifold Mounting Bolts were identified installed to a number of recently produced machines.

The purpose of this TBSA is to bring these issues to the attention of the end user and provide guidance for inspection and rectification. cont...

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