DES2012-TBSA-02: NTMS Methane Shutdown Systems

On 20 August, 2012

Technical Bulletin / Safety Alert

Unique ID No: DES2012-TBSA-03     Rev: 1

(This document supersedes all previous versions of the above TBSA)

Subject: Fuel Shut Off Cylinder

Date: 20th August 2012

Applicable to: VLI Diesel Driftrunner & Brumby Vehicles

Note: Minimum PPE required to carry out any inspections contained in this TBSA shall be protective clothing & footwear, safety glasses, hearing protection & any site specific requirements. A JSA or equivalent should be carried out prior to performing these tasks.


VLI Diesel Division previously reported the occurrence of VLI Diesel Fuel Shut Off Cylinders (Part No. 9-04160114) failing to adequately shutdown a VLI Driftrunner Diesel Engine System. Refer DES2012-TBSA-02 Rev 0, which detailed the interim findings and recommendations of the initial investigation.

VLI Diesel, in collaboration with the shutdown cylinder supplier, has now completed the investigation and advises the final results and recommendations in this TBSA.

Investigation & Cause:

Investigation of the reported occurrences identified the following:

Further investigation and testing identified the cause of the Fuel Shut Off Cylinder not returning to the shut off position was due to interference of an internal cushion disc on the cylinder rod during retraction, resulting in spring return resistance.

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