DES2012-TBSA-03: NTMS Methane Shutdown Systems

On 20 August, 2012

Technical Bulletin / Safety Alert

Unique ID No: DES2012-TBSA-03     Rev: 0

(This document supersedes all previous versions of the above TBSA - N/A)

Subject: NTMS Methane Shutdown Systems

Date: 20th August 2012

Applicable to: VLI Driftrunner, VLI Brumby & VLI JUG-A-0

Note: Minimum PPE required to carry out any inspections contained in this TBSA shall be protective clothing & footwear, safety glasses, hearing protection & any site specific requirements. A JSA or equivalent should be carried out prior to performing these tasks.


Nautitech Mining Systems Pty Limited (NTMS) recently released the attached Compliance Safety Alert No. MS00007 in relation to the compliance of the NTMS methane shutdown system with NSW Gazette No 10, 2008.

VLI Diesel Division (VLIDD) advises that NTMS Methane Shutdown Systems are installed to all VLI JUG-A-0 machines operating under diesel engine system design registration nos. MDR074246DES, MDR074246DES-1 and MDR114991DES. NTMS Methane Shutdown Systems are an optional installation to VLI Driftrunner and VLI Brumby machines.


Where NTMS Methane Shutdown Systems are installed to VLI equipment, ensure the methane shutdown system is managed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's (NTMS) recommendations and the attached NTMS Compliance Safety Alert No. MS00007.

Where assistance is required in relation to NTMS Methane Shutdown System compliance and management, please contact VLI Diesel or NTMS directly.

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