DES2009-TBSA-03 Rev: 2

On 12 November, 2012


Technical Bulletin / Safety Alert


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DES2009-TBSA-03 Rev: 2

(This document supersedes DES2009-TBSA-03 Rev 1)



Inlet Flametrap Alteration to MDR090376DES & MDA DES 13017



Applicable to:

All VLI Diesel Pty Ltd Diesel Engine Systems covered under the above Design Registered & Approval no's.

Note: Minimum PPE required to carry out any inspections contained in this TBSA shall be protective clothing & footwear, safety glasses, hearing protection & any site specific requirements. A JSA or equivalent should be carried out prior to performing these tasks.




The purpose of this TBSA is to confirm with industry the requirements for Inlet Flametrap Flamepath Gap on Diesel Engine Systems covered under design registration MDR090376DES and approval MDA DES 13017.


Design Registration Alteration MDR090376DES-1 was introduced to accommodate an inlet flametrap flamepath gap of 0.4mm, as described in the contents of the original TBSA, attached as Appendix 1. This alteration was also applicable to MDA DES 13017 approved diesel engine systems operating under exemption order no. 089237.


Design Registration Alteration MDR090376DES-1 and MDA DES 13017 Exemption Order No. 089237 (for plant manufactured after 1 January 2007) both expired on 30

As a result of the abovementioned expiries, the Inlet Flametrap flamepath gap for all diesel engine systems covered under design registration MDR090376DES and approval MDA DES 13017 (for plant manufactured prior to 1 January 2007) must conform to the requirements of AS3584.2:2008, Clause 2.6.3 Open Joints, which is a maximum gap of 0.2mm.


Inlet Flametrap Flamepath Gap can be measured as described below:

Inlet Flametrap Gap Check Procedure:


Applicable to Diesel Engine Systems: (MDR 090376 DES) (MDA 13017 DES)


Drawing Reference: 5-042805 Issue 01 (MDR 090376 DES)


4-041006 Issue 00 (MDA 13017 DES) Supplementary


4-041001 Issue 01 (MDA 13017 DES)




Feeler Gauge Test: Check and record maximum gap between the Flametrap Housing and Flametrap Element. The maximum allowable gap is 0.2mm at any one point.


Note: Care should be taken when inserting feeler gauge as forced distortion of the element will result in a false reading.


Feeler gauge inserted into gap as shown.


Measurements to be made at multiple positions around Housing-Element circumference.


Specified Gap = 0.2mm Maximum


Any Gap in excess of 0.2mm constitutes an out of specification assembly.


Please ensure this document is circulated to all relevant personnel within your organisation.

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