The final word in underground personnel carriers

The Driftrunner range are explosion protected (AS3584.2), diesel powered vehicles that are designed for the important task of transporting both personnel and materials into the underground coal world.

This heavy duty vehicle that can transport both personnel and a range of materials has been designed to comfortably operate within the difficult and challenging conditions that the underground mining industry can offer. The Driftrunner sets the mark in versatility, reliability and service life for underground mining equipment.

Our two basic standard models - the F series and G series have now been complemented by our latest model the H series, which now sets the standard in power, performance, reliability and comfort.

The H series is more efficient and cleaner as it possesses in excess of 40% more power, 40% more torque and 40% less particulate emissions than any previous model Driftrunner.

The 3 Driftrunner models now provide a suite of machines that cover all potential needs to the underground coal mining industry.

 All models are designed as a "cab/chassis configuration, with the key features of each model being:


F Series:          11 seater model with forward facing rear seating

G Series:         12 seater model with side facing rear seating

H Series:         14 seater model with side facing rear seating

The Driftrunner series allows you to design your Driftrunner of choice, to suit your specific mine circumstances.

Please download our Driftrunner Brochure for full specifications and capabilities.